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Why I get up so early

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Those who know me, in real life, not just from behind keyboards, know I’ve been an early riser for decades.  It started way back in the early 80 when I entered into the world of Computer Tech and I.T. Many of my responsibilities had to do with installing new, fixing old, or updating equipment around offices for the company I was employed with. To do this I usually had to work on systems when there were no users using the equipment.  So I would get in about 4:30am -5:00am  and start working on things before the staff would get into the office.  There were sometimes when I had to work overnight as the project took more time than the pre-dawn hours would allow 🙁   But I preferred the early morning hours. One of these jobs were in St. Louis, and I would be working on systems and updating this or re-wiring that. Or installing this there or reconfiguring something and the offices had these windows facing east.  While I was waiting for things to update, and those days computers were  S-L-O-W.  I’d get a chance to watch the sunrise with the St. Louis Arch in silhouette.  The were no camera phones, and I didn’t really have any camera equipment back then, but I remember how beautiful and how fast the scene would change.  Ever since then, I worked in the computer/software industry and would always be in early.  Not only doing work in very still and quiet office but try to always, for a few minutes to watch the sunrise if possible.

Well, today I’m retired from that kind of work, but still, love to get up early and now with my love of capturing images, I walk the beaches alone, with my camera and catch the morning while most everyone is asleep.  Today I captured these images. It was about 41 degrees, very windy and the sun really seemed to take its time to appear. Maybe because it was cold and my fingers, within fingerless gloves were trying to complain as I let the shutter go.     Also, subscribe to my blog over there on the right menu, just enter your email address. Then you will get a short email when I post something new.  If you do, you may win a free canvas of one of my images of your choice


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