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Who Dat?

How I got this shot

My sister and I were out as we heard there was a rare bird, Common Scoter that was supposedly spotted in Lincoln City, which is north of me.  If confirmed, the first sighting in Oregon. The  Common Scoter breeds across the north of Europe east to central Russia and closest it has been seen I think was Greenland.

My sister who is somewhat of a birder knew I’d like to get a shot of it. So we headed up to the area where it was spotted and as she was driving I was trying to find Facebook local birders group. I found it and saw there were all sorts of chatter about this rare bird.  It was mid-November, 2016, and t was a typical Oregon Coast fall day, cloudy, light rain, very grey.   Well, we found the spot and saw there were a handful of locals all trying to get a glimpse of the bird.  It was pretty far out and kept going behind some rocks.  We did see it, but only through Binoculars, even with the long lens I had, it was hard to get a good shot. But it was fun, listening to the real birders who were there.  They were filling us in on the history of the bird and some were from the official American Birders Association who were confirming the sighting.  But as you can probably tell, these pictures have nothing to do with that bird.

So while we were at the location, someone yelled that a Burrowing Owl was spotted south of us at Rocky Creek State Viewing area, so we jumped back into the car, and headed south a few miles. It started to rain a bit, but that didn’t phase us.  When we got there some of the previous birders we met were also there pointing down over the cliff.  My sister and I went to the spot and look, it was tough to see, but finally, we got it.  It was pretty far down, and I was handholding a D7100 with a Tamron 150-600mm lens and tried to center the shot. Thre were so many weeds and grasses around hard to get the shot, as you can see from that picture on the left.  It was buried in the weeds and looked frightened.  Other with high power viewing glass stated they could not find any signs of blood or injury even though we were pretty far away.  The title “Who Dat?”  the owl looks like it was wondering who we were all looking at it.

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I finally got myself positioned so I could get a usable shot. The bird was very still and only moved a few times, but very slightly. When I got home I could see that I captured a usable shot and sent it to some of the birder online sites.  I put this image on some products, besides normal wall display options, listed below.  Please feel free to comment and subscribe to this blog over on the right menu if you would like to get emails when new posts are added.

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