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Hello? is this thing on?

Hello? (tap, tap)  this thing on?   oh hey, there ya are.   So, yes I’ve started a blog. Part of me thinks, WTF? and the other side wnat to know why it took me so long!  More about why I’m here on my About page I go into it a bit more.  Anyway, so I’ve been working on my art store, and started working on this site a couple of days ago as my eyes started healing (more later).  I’m going to post things I find and think you will find interesting.   I’m going to post some of my new artwork, as well as other artists I admire, and maybe link to some sites that I think you may find interesting.  My posts will be of interest of Internet Travelers, Art Buyers, other artists, people with good and strange sense of humors and who enjoy interacting with others.

I will recommend books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen maybe even some snippets from stories I’m writing.  I welcome respectful comments if you want to discuss anything I’ve written, promoted or put up here to view.  I’ve set this up so you can reply is you wish to without registering for an account on this site, but you will have to leave your name and email.  If you want to be part of the site as it grows, then register over on the right menu —>    Any information you leave, is protected and won’t be used anywhere but here.


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