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Visually Inspiring Areas Near Me (PT3)

Rivers and streams

Getting down close to the river — Click for larger view

This post isn’t about a  particular area, but more of natural things around me.  There are so many rivers and streams close to me, I’m always running into one, small or large.  From the Siletz river north of me and the Alsea river south of me, in this little area, there are many roads you can follow the river and its tributaries.   You can spend the day just taking roads, many are current and old logging roads, so be careful, you may be surprised by a full load logging truck coming down the hill.   These are no trips you want to take quickly.. you want to drive slow and on nice days with the windows and stop along the road a LOT.  Shut off the car, sit my by the river or stream and just listen.  There are some sounds you’ll hear and maybe forgot about.  The rivers when flowing after a large rain, can be quite loud, and interesting to watch the patterns the water makes over the rocks.  Many areas, depending the time of year you’ll see Geese, Elk, Deer, and other creature… even a bear once in a while.

Hidden waterfall off a back road – click for larger view

There are many little creeks and small dirt roads you can find along the way. Depending on how adventurous you are and if your vehicle sits a little higher than normal you can pull over near Skunk Creek and go down to the river and explore a bit.  But be careful, the cell reception there is spotty and it’s all natural county so make sure you are prepared and people know where you are.

If you go north on 101 and just before Lincoln City, you take 229 also called the Siletz Hiway, east.   Up the road, a bit is Jack Morgan park.  There is an entrance on both sides so you can go down to the Siletz River which also has a boat ramp, or on the other side and if you are adventurous you can hike along Hough Creek.  This creek feeds into the Siletz river so this creek ends about a mile in.

Along the way, if you are a gun owner, there is the Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club. You may be able to go in and do a little target practice.  This is off Wade Road, which you can take further in for some great natural sites. It is a dead end, so you’ll have to turn around, but the road gets pretty close to the river and you’ll have to hike through some woods to get there.  You may spot a rogue waterfall, especially after some big rains.   Soon you’ll be in Siletz, which is next to the Siletz Reservation and is the site of the annual Nesika Illahee Pow Wow in August.  It’s a nice little very small town to get out and walk around.  There are also many small roads and Hiking trails.

You can see more of my river and stream images HERE  Next time I’ll write about the road up the Alsea River.  Please sign up for this blog with your email over there on the right side.

Siletz river empties to the bay – click for larger view

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