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Well, it’s been one full month since I disconnected cable TV.  I realized that most of my viewing habits were all streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Youtube.  Having a “smart TV” I get those streaming services with no additional hardware. All I get from the cable company is 100 Mbits of Internet connection.  I hardwired my TV directly into the router so the speed is quick and clear. I don’t miss seeing the Pillow Man, dehydrated, abused and starving dog, and advertisers telling me what I should have, should look like, should be doing… well I knew what I should be doing, spending more time outside, taking pictures, more time socializing with people, volunteering in my community.  I’m on two Advisory Committees for the City and have started having a vendor booth at the local Farmer’s Market.

I spend more time now learning new ways to create art, more time reading books I’ve always wanted to read, and exploring all the beautiful natural wonders so close to my home. I have a list in my little travel log of some new areas I want to explore, which I find are no more than 1/2 hour away.  As the spring starts to spread over the area I hope to start getting to these areas and shoot some of the beauty just sitting out there.  I will, of course, document my travels here in this blog as well.

Now I have nothing against TV, generally. I’m part of the first generations that had TV all their lives.  I still pick up shows off streaming services, that bring major network shows to streaming services.  I’ve seemed to have spent more time watching shows created in the UK and Canada.  Netflix and Amazon Video have tons of these shows. I’m watching one, Midsomer Mysteries that is in its like 17th season! and it’s all on Netflix no ads!  Anyway… it’s been an interesting change, seeing I’ve had Network or Cable TV in my home for over 40 years, and I’m saving about $75.00 a month.


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