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Email correspondence continues…

Bobby, being a writer needs to get his emotions out in writings. He wrote a story about Cathy and himself and sent it to her in an email.

08/24/08 7:41pm

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You asked if you could see my writings. Most are on paper and usually thrown away. They are only as good as the moment they are written, However, with the handwriting ability taken from me for a while, I wrote this on the computer the last few days… print it if you can and take it with you. Forgive the misspelling and punctuation as I’m clumsy with the cast…

He slowly opened his eyes and stretched. The first thing that came to mind was “What happened to the ceiling fan?” As his eyes cleared he realized this wasn’t where he laid down last night…the windows were different…he rubs his eyes but just then hears the crash of a pot or pan and a scream coming from the other end of the house

He jumps out of the bed; then realizes his nakedness and looks around and throws on a pair of jeans slung over a chair. There are two closed doors in the room but knows instinctively which one to open; he turns left runs down the hall and cautiously turns into a kitchen are by an oversized picnic table and benches.

He sees the top of a head bent over with curly blonde hair like someone is bending over.  He says “Hello?  “The woman jumps up screams again drops the pot she was picking up and falls against the wall. He is totally taken by surprise. There is silence..they both stare at each other, and simultaneously say “What the hell??”

He speaks first “Cathy?  “She speaks “Bobby?”

“What the hell is going on, where or better yet WHEN are we? “She starts to get weak and he helps her to the large table and benches.  “I..I was reaching for a pot in my kitchen to cook..um I forget anyway I was reaching and the next thing I knew I was here!” The last thing I remember is crawling into my bed at home..and woke up here”

They sat a while just staring at each other then she spoke “Jade?”He answered “Cath?”

“Oh my,” she said as she covered her mouth and started giggling,

He smiled and teared up…The big house seemed empty but empty or not they only saw each other. they talked for hours the present had become the future; the past was now the present, They laughed cried and laughed some more.

With all that happened time had slipped in many ways, it was late afternoon. “Walk?” he said “Sure!” she replied. They headed down the long drive, across the road, and into the woods they found their hands touching then grasping, finally clasping inter-twined. Each could feel the tremble and the hesitation then the frim “never let me go” grip.

They walked continued to talk and reached a small creek. She let go and nimbly navigated the rocks and jumped to the opposite bank and up the hill to a large tree. He tried to imitate her grace and failed on the third step; slipped twirled around and landed on his butt on the creek side. From above he could hear the laughter coming from behind the “Are you alright?” she said. Her laughter made him laugh and he rushed up the hill to her.

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He reached her feigned a quick anger look but broke out laughing… they fell silent…they looked into each other’s eyes. He moved closer, she was standing with her back against the tree with her hands above her shoulders in a hugging of the tree. He moved even closer and their lips met ever so gently then a bit harder; her left hand came down and pulled him closer to her. His left hand went to her hair and buried deep’ his right hand around her waist. He pulled back and went to her neck; she whispered ” I’m not sur…I don’t kn…I’ mean..” He pulled back and put a finger on her lips ” shhh I know…” and they slowly let go and went back to their handclasp and continued to walk.

A few minutes they came to a clearing, in the middle was a rock with a hooded figure sitting on the rock. The figure seemed blurred even when moving closer and looking straight on at it.

The figure stood and said ” You have been given a wonderful gift; but… tomorrow you must choose, but for now,  go and enjoy this gift” They looked at each other, then looked at the figure, but it was gone.

“Oh my,” She said”Ok, then,” he said.

They traced their steps back to the house minus his tumbling at the creek. They entered the dark house and he went to flip on the lights. “No she said” and she went to a candle and lit it.They sat at the familiar table and were no words to say…They worked together in the candlelit kitchen. The only sounds were water running; knives chopping, water coming to a boil. They made something don’t even know what. It was tasteful and lite and satisfied one hunger.

They left the dishes in the sink walked out to the porch and looked at the sky. She nudged her face against his shoulder…looked at him and said “I’ll be back in a bit’ want to shower”

She left,  he sat on the ledge and continued his review of the sky. His thoughts wandered through time and space trying to make any sense of this current reality.. or whatever it was.

She returned a bit later; smelling like fresh rain; smiling, her eyes twinkling. He watched as she passed in front of the candle in her slightly off the shoulder nightwear he could briefly see the silhouette of her body under the flowing cloth.”Guess I should shower too” and he left down the hall. He came out of the bathroom and the room was lit by candles in all four corners. He stood; holding the towel around him. He saw her sitting on the far side of the bed; under the covers from her shoulders down.

He was surprised at his own self-consciousness as he slipped the towel off just before entering the bed. They fell into each other immediately the night was as you can imagine; intense; satisfying; no words except those of passion. There were brief moments of sleep; then awaken by intense feelings. Finally, both exhausted they fell deeply to sleep.

All too soon the morning arrived. They awoke a strong sense of anticipation flooded them both. They showered, dressed and once again found themselves in the kitchen. Tea was made and they made their way to the familiar table. They drank in silence spoke soft words only for them. There was a sudden knock on the door. They got up, he opened the door and the hooded figure was outside about 10 yards away; although the voice sounded like it was behind them.

“You must come now” They held each other’s hands and followed the figure to the end of the driveway. There was no longer a road, but three separate paths. One in the middle was wider than the two side ones.

“My young lady” the figure spoke ” on your left is the path you once traveled. You know it well; each turn, each obstacle; each bump” He turned to the man and spoke  “My young man, on your right is a path you have traveled. You too know each turn and twist, each bump.” He turned to both and said “the middle path has never been traveled, no one knows what it holds. It is wider than the other two, as it is built for two to travel. You must choose, but choose wisely”

They looked at each other, then at the figure, but once again it was gone. They each looked at the paths; they looked at each other. They fell into each other; He spoke first, whispering in her ear. “I will always love you and will keep you in my heart forever” She spoke “I to will always love you and what we are/were together. There will always be part of me in you and part of you in me” They moved apart holding both of their hands; tears falling and falling hard, They move further apart and finally their hands let go; each turning to their own paths, They glanced at each other once and walked on.

Each of the paths grew over behind them and disappeared. The middle path faded but did not disappear. Some say paths are merely circles and these circle interconnect and some; if you are lucky, connect multiple times. It is the choices we make that make us our own and the interconnections that make one whole.

08/24/08 11:24pm From Cathy

“You wrote this??? Oh, Jade*. How it made me cry.”

*explained in a previous post

…to be continued.

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