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The Gift

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The email stream continues…

” Sun, 8/24/08, From Bobby

I just realized where this gift came from and you probably know it, but don’t realize it. My spiritual side is quite vast, but it boils down to Nature is the highest of all deities and every living thing has a soul. These souls have powers beyond our comprehension and never die, but transform.

Our gift came from your brother, Martin He knew how I felt and probably you too

In some way; this came from him. I realized this in the shower just now … I think better wet …LOL”


08/24/08 3:40pm From Cathy

“Oh, my…

It is interesting you say that because Martin’s death was the catalyst that brought me my ultimate spiritual peace of mind. I had been searching for something that “fit” for as long as I could remember. I tried Baptist, Methodist, some culty thing Gale got into at one time. When I was a teenager in VA, I used to travel from the burbs to the big downtown library and drag armloads of books on religion back home. (What an odd way for a teenager to spend time! But it didn’t seem odd to me at the time. Of course, it was liberally interspersed with more-normal drug-induced hazes.) Everything from Eastern religions to traditional. None of it rang true. I finally gave up the quest and just put my faith in a hope that the cosmos and God and the hereafter were something wonderful, whether I understood them not. But in the course of dealing with Martin’s death, I stumbled upon a “doctrine” (for lack of a better word) that — finally!! — rang true in my soul. I had an amazing and eye-opening experience. I think Martin was responsible. He was my mentor when he was here, always looking after me and nurturing me. So I believe he mentored me after he crossed. That just … makes sense to me.

I have always found it a little frustrating that the veil between this side and the other is so … impenetrable. But after Martin died, I wanted to hurl myself against it, tear it away with my bare hands. He was there … somewhere … somewhere nearby … but completely unavailable, unseen, unheard. So … he guided me to a place of peace.  I really love that you have suggested that he has intervened to bring us this gift.


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