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The Art of Waves (Pt 1)

Giant Wave, Oregon Coast
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Waves, Oregon Coast
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Living on the coast, it is so easy to be hypnotized by the art that waves present constantly, it’s a rolling art gallery!  If you are lucky enough to live near a coast you visit regularly you know what I’m talking about. Having a camera with you makes it easy to capture moments of this ongoing art show and keep it see, display and bring back memories of a day on the shore.  Being one who loves to spend time outside, regardless of the weather, taking pictures is an added benefit.  I can spend hours in the same place, and no picture is the same, no wave comes to shore exactly the same way.  The Oregon coast has some unique shoreline that produces amazing wave art.  This is especially something to see when there is a storm offshore, pushing the waves.  During these times I’ve seen the waves come in 30, 40 and 50 feet!  It is some kind of an amazing show even without the camera.  Just standing there watching a wave break that is 4-5 stories tall gives you just a glimpse of the power of Mother Nature

Even with the beauty of the storm waves, the Oregon Coast can be very dangerous, with “sneaker waves”.  Even without monstrous waves, the sneaker waves appear without notice.  If there is a sign that says “Do Not Go Beyond This Point”  pay attention.  There are many deaths each year that occur when people don’t realize the danger of Mother Nature.  Respect the power but appreciate the beauty!

Big Wave, Dangerous
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Getting back to the beauty, as you see I’ve included some images of the beauty of waves on the Oregon Coast, we had a recent storm

with 30 ft + waves and I went out to capture some of them.  Sometimes I forget to grab a picture, as I’m so amazed just watching.  The pictures, unfortunately, don’t provide the sound of these monsters hitting the shore.  It’s very loud, as you can imagine when you have 100s of tons of water coming down on the ground.  From where I live I can travel north or south up the coast and find amazing spots to watch the storm waves arrive on shore.  There are many beaches, that you can find if you are a little adventurous, with literally no people on it.  Some of the beaches are surrounded by high cliffs where you can watch the giant waves safely.   There are also many state landmarks, like the Yaquina Head Lighthouse where you can get nice panoramic views of the ocean and shore.  During low tide, you can access the tide pools and see some pretty amazing sea life.

I’ve traveled up and down both American coasts, from Main to Key West and from San Deigo to the Candian Border and never have I’ve witnessed the magic of the Ocean the Oregon Coast brings to you, FREE!  Every day.  On nice sunny days, you can bring your chair, some snacks, and a camera and enjoy the show pretty much anywhere you want to grab a place.   These images try to present some of the beauty of the Ocean art that is out there.  If you are making plans for a vacation the Oregon Coast needs to be on your list of must-sees in the USA.  I will continue this subject and focus on bringing out pure art from wave images, till then…

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  1. As a native Oregonian I certainly appreciate the beauty of the Oregon Coast. These pictures are fabulous and makes me appreciate living in and enjoying all of Oregon.

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