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Unplugged, well kinda

Just a short note… Well, it’s been one full month since I disconnected cable TV.  I realized that most of my viewing habits were all streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Youtube.  Having a “smart TV” I get those streaming services with no…

Visually Inspiring Areas Near Me (PT3)

Rivers and streams This post isn’t about a  particular area, but more of natural things around me.  There are so many rivers and streams close to me, I’m always running into one, small or large.  From the Siletz river north of me and the Alsea…

Shooting from the Oregon Coast

One of the many great things about living in Oregon and on the coast, is the abundance of wildlife so close to home.  On my way to the builder’s supply store, a few mile south of home, I found this guy in a wetlands area….

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