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Some of the Visually inspiring areas close to me (PT 2)

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If you have read Part 1,  I discussed some of the inspiring areas of Nye Beach, Newport Oregon. The next area I feel, if you haven’t been there, or been there but passed through on your way to your daily routines, is the Newport Bayfront.  What makes the Bayfront somewhat unique it is still a working Bayfront.  The fishery industry is alive and well and supported throughout the area.  when walking down the bayfront, you have mostly working docks on the ocean/bay side and mostly,  little shops, cafes, and restaurants on the other.  There are some places along the bayfront that serve food as well but most are on the other side.  There some great galleries, tourist-related shops.  There are a couple of finer restaurants as well, that have outside and Bayview dinning.  There are also some old bars, where hard-working men and women from the fishing industry gather, as well as local patrons.  A great place to feel some of the local culture.  Every business along the bayfront is worth stopping in and seeing what’s all about.


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Let‘s talk galleries and art

For inspiration, there are a handful of galleries along the bayfront that provide a unique insight to local artists as well as a wider Pacific Northwest artists.  If you enjoy painting, photography, sculpture, writing, or any other creative endeavors, or even if you just like looking and buying art, the galleries along the bayfront are must-sees.  Not to be minimalized but along a good percentage of the walls on the bayfront are these amazing murals to view  Most of these murals were painted in the 90s, or early 2000s and with the rough weather in Newport and being on the Ocean, many are rotting away and some of been removed as companies expand or change ownership, or just need repair/replace rotten boards and walls.  There is an ongoing campaign to restore and/or replace these murals. There is a free walking self-tour brochure available at many of the business on the Bayfront as well as at City Hall.  If you click here there is a PDF of the brochure you can download from the city (opens in new tab)

Artists and Tourists

Ok, let’s get on with the inspiration.  Some of the best seaside and working dock pictures you’d ever want to capture, sketch or paint are available all times of the day.  I’ve included some of my work in this article to show you examples.   sunrise, sunset, sunny,  or foggy, no matter what the weather, the inspiration is all around you.  On nicer days you can spend the whole day from sunrise to sunset enjoying all that the Bayfront as to offer and show. But remember, this is the Oregon Coast, expect the weather to change. Keep an eye on the local weather and bring what you think you will need. Many times it’s very windy so if you are trying to take some low light images at sunrise or sunset, bring a sturdy tripod.   If you are one that likes to paint on site, make sure your canvas and easel will stand up to the wind.

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Fresh Seafood

Many times during the year you can buy seafood right off the boats.  There is nothing fresher than to buy your fish/crab or whatever is in season right from the dedicated men and women who go out and battle the elements to bring fresh seafood to your table.   If you have ever watched any of the shows on TV about the Fishing Vessels that go out, you have some idea what they go through to bring these foods to you.

There are 3 organizations I want to mention, all are non-profit organizations.  There is no compensation to this site for mentioning these great organizations.



    1. Newport Fisherman’s Wives.   – is is a non-profit corporation of fishermen’s wives, mothers, daughters, and friends, supporting a strong sense of community helping to further the causes of industry, safety, seafood education, and family support.  This organization is amazing and they are powerful too.  There have been some local issues dealing with the Fishing industry where they headed the fight, even going to Congress.  Here is their website for more information, Click Here
    2. Lincoln County Historical Society.  The Society focuses on the same goals established early by its members: to preserve, publish, and educate, about the history of the local area. They have an amazing collection of artifacts and maintain two museums.   You can find out more from their website, HERE
    3. Oregon Coast Aquarium  – The Aquarium is a living classroom for all learning styles and ages. As one of Oregon’s top tourist attractions, the Aquarium is a vital educational resource for the state, with over 40,000 students visiting the Aquarium each year  You can learn more from their website  HERE
Whether you are a local resident or a visitor it worth the time to take a day and spend on the Bayfront in Newport.  Just the memories alone will be worth it. Bring your cameras, whether it be on your phone, a little point and shoot or your DSLR, there are many places for inspirations right on the Bayfront.  Feel free to comment below, or subscribe to this site over there on the right menu, just enter your email and you will be notified of new posts 🙂
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