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Some of the Visually inspiring areas close to me (PT 1)

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This will be an ongoing series as there is so much to write about and images to show.

I guess this is an extension of a former post, Love your area. There were many reasons I retired to the Oregon Coast. The biggest factor was some of

my family lives here including my 93 yr old Dad and my Sister. But 2nd on that list is the area itself. when I retired I decided I was going to try to make a go at it, in some sort of art form. My choice was Photography, which grew into a more finite description of Image Creator. Although I love doing image manipulation on the computer, I equally love being out in the woods or on the shore slowly walking and finding places to capture as an image. Within walking distance, I have a great little area called

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Nye Beach. This area in Newport has been somewhat established since the early 1800s, and you can Google a lot about it, great history, along with this whole area. Anyway, as of today it still holds a little beach community charm, with sand on the floors of most of the area brought on the sandals and shoes of beach-goers. Being right on the beach, the skies, mornings and afternoons offer artists incredible inspiration. I walk down there a few times a week and keep an eye out for interesting shots. The buildings and structures are great inspirations. some of the older buildings and houses in the area make great subjects. As you can tell from these first few shots, the area is somewhat hilly but makes a great walk up and down Coast Street.  Just one block over west (duh) is the beach. The Nye Beach Loop as they call it is a great entrance to the beach itself. From there you have a large expansion of shore to explore with your camera or sketch pad, or just to view.  One of the best views, looking back at the building from the beach.   On partly cloudy mornings looking out towards the ocean, some of the views you get a very inspiring.  It can’t help but put you in a good mood. If you were to walk south on the beach, maybe a mile or so, you’ll be near the South Jetty. From here you can see the

iconic Yaquina Bay Bridge. This bridge has quite a history and is part of the Coast Highway, 101.  The bridge was built in the mid-1930s and has that Art Deco look.  You don’t have to walk the beach, obviously, to see it, there is a park, Yaqunia Bay Recreation area right north of the bridge that has its own inspiring views and scenery.  I spend a lot of time there with my cameras, both in the park and the path to the beach 🙂

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Traveling just a little North of Newport/Nye Beach, the coast is just an artist’s paradise.  The coastline is very rocky, and makes for some great dramatic views, especially during high tide and large surf.  You can spend hours being inspired by the ever-changing patterns of the ocean and waves. If there is some wind, which there normally is, you can get some great spray patterns and rainbows. But if you are going dress for the season, and respect the ocean.  This coast can be very unforgiving especially if you decide you want to get real close to a wave, there are “sneaker” waves sucking people off the shore all the time. You can literally spend a whole day it a short an about a mile square and see everything from Eagles to dense woods, to breathtaking ocean views.   Because of all the inspiring beauty, I have many images available, both as standard wall displays in Metal, Wood, Acrylic as well as standard matte and frame.   Most of my images are also available on consumer products, Pillows, mugs, greeting cards, etc.

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Anyway, part of the reason for this blog is to sell my art, and if you want something custom, just let me know.  Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you feel you want say something about this article.


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