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Outer Bounds – A must read!

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I recently came across a two book series in the SciFi realm that turned out one of the best books I’ve read in this Genres.  The story takes place in the 31st century and surrounds the strangest family tree I’ve ever read about, and focused on the many even stranger relationships, and stories of two sisters.  A maniacal 7 years old, and her older, very suppressed sister. the Author, Sara King, writes in a style that enhances the characters so well, not only do you get a great image of them in your mind,  but you seem to know them.  In fact, saying this so not to give away any of the plots, something happens to a favorite character of mine in the book and I felt it happened to a friend.  Character development is Sara King’s passion and she can show some of the kings/queens of SciFi authorship a thing or two.  There are two books in the series, and there is a current rumor a 3rd book is in the works.  The main character descriptions, in the author’s own words:


  • Anna Landborn, a brilliant, sociopathic child, and her quiet, lethally gifted sister, Magali;
  • Runaway Joel, a virtuous military pilot turned tormented smuggler;
  • Milar Whitecliff, a tattooed, chess-playing fugitive full of hatred and heart;
  • Doberman, a simple robot in the throes of a startling transformation;
  • and Tatiana Eyre, a captured Coalition soldier torn between loyalty and love.

The book is full of technical jargon, that is actually fun to read.  Some of it even makes sense.  There are dimensions, robots, trips back to the past in the minds of those straddling dimensions and stuff popping up all over. The two books are Outer Bounds Fortune’s Rising and Outer Bounds Fortune’s Folly.  You can read more about Sara and her works on her site.


The picture above is something I did after reading the two books.  It depicts Anna’s revenge in her mind, but not sure which dimension it’s in  🙂

Here is a link below if you want to order the book or read more about it.

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