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Old Smart Phones

I don’t know about you, but I tend to land up keeping my old smartphones after I get a new one.  Times have changed since I got my first one in the early 2000s, now people lease them, and they are costing up to $1000??  Really a phone?  I have 6 of my previous smartphones. Some not so smart. I have an old Windows Phone that has a slide-out keyboard, which uses an ever lost stylus.  I have my first iPhone;  it’s a 3G, and an iPhone 4 and 5, a Galaxy Note III,  a Blackjack that was kinda like a Blackberry.  It’s strange to look at them and see them as old technology.  but I still use most of them for something, I repurpose them.

The Galaxy Note III I use as a large digital clock in the living room. I downloaded an app, that just shows the time. That all I use it for, except sometimes for photos, but usually it sits there, plugged and just has the time displayed.

One of the phones I use to use to just display the local weather, some app had just icons, sunny, rain, etc and the temp.  However, I gave that phone away to someone that needed a phone.

Both iPhones still have good cameras.  You don’t have to have cell service to use the camera.  I keep on in my car, and sometimes throw the other in a camera bag.  They still work well as snapshot cameras.  Occasionally I may play an old game on one of them.  I was surprised how many people I talked to thought because an old phone didn’t have cell service that it was useless.   The even make good email machines, if you are connected wirelessly somewhere, home or wherever.  I use one as a music machine with a Bluetooth speaker.

The pictures in this post were shot with an old phone.   Some of the older bigger phones, like Galaxy Notes still make good wireless browsers and media streamers.  Feel free to pass this little post around.

2 thoughts on “Old Smart Phones

  1. Ha – great article. I, too, like to find uses for my old phone technology. I had the original iPhone, a Blackberry (mini?) before that and an old Motorola Flip before that. My iPhone 5s is soon to be upgraded – but, at this point, I’m not sure with what…

    My best “re-purposing” was to give an older iPhone to my granddaughter. She used it as an iPod Touch – we could download educational games and music via WiFi.

    BTW – good luck with the new blog.

  2. Hi, Bill, Thanks for commenting. Yes, I also have a 5s will stay with Apple as I’ve been Appleized the last year, with everything, so will probably by an used 6 or 7. I’m not paying $1000.00 for a phone!! lol

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