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Ocean Magic

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If you live by a coast or visit the coast a great deal, you know the magic being on the coast or within the ocean brings.  There are all sorts of scientific data about negative ions and the effect on us, but just the pure beauty of the natural art it displays is enough for me.  It is a constantly changing art project in real-time.  Nature takes it upon herself to dominated the scene, and fill all the senses available to you with magic.   The next time you are by the shore, in a safe place, close your eyes, and just let the magic of ocean sounds fill you.  Evan as a visual artist I’ll always sit for a few minutes and just listen before I capture images.  It seems to encompass me fully and allows me to be deeply involved with nature, as I try to do her justice with my little camera.   I took a few shots this week which are posted amongst this post.  Yesterday the wind was like up to 30mph and I went to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and just stood at the end of the cliff (safely holding on to the rail) and just let the wind blow all over me. The waves were crazy and closed my eyes and let in cover me.  It was so cool! and many times it’s just about being outside along the coast.   There are times when the winds come from the east and blow outward over the ocean.  And when the waves are larger, over 8ft swells, the wind tends to flatten the waves and make this beautiful spray.  The higher the winds the bigger the spray, where sometimes the spray will stretch to the next set of waves.

Wave Spray. Click for larger view

If you are the artist type and want to capture the magic of the ocean, there are many places and opportunities to do so.  Whether you capture more of a seascape overall view or capture more at the micro level just areas of interesting patterns the water makes.   I love to spend the day just winding my way up and down the coast, looking for an interesting place to either sit or walk along the shore, keeping my camera handy. You just never know what you are going to see!!

High tide.  During high tide, and high surf there are some incredible sights to see.  I’ve been out shooting when the waves reach 40+ feet.  It’s pretty scary, and one should always be careful on the coast, especially where there are “sneaker waves” like there are here.  The first time you see a 40+ foot wave on the Oregon, coast and you are standing on a 20 ft cliff above it, and the wave is above your head… yeah, pretty scary! We always must remember to respect Nature and we see so many that think they are on an amusement park ride and will attempt to get closer to the wave and take a selfie.  There are many selfies never seen as sometimes these waves and the coast can be unforgiving.

Low tide mystery. Click for larger view

Low tide  –  Ok you wanna see magic, walk along the beach at negative tide.  There are things you have a hard time even believing.  What lies just beneath the breaking waves, the hidden treasure both living and natural formations will really show you the magic.  Here we see a lot of sea stars that sitting in tide pools, still clinging to rocks, which earlier were hidden to the naked eye.  I’ve been on the coast, during a low tide and was fortunate to watch a seal pup’s birth and first swim, you can see some of those shots here

When I was young I lived in the Midwest, Illinois, to be exact, for about 14 years.  There wasn’t a week that went by that I didn’t think about the ocean and the coast.  We had lakes, and such, but nothing draws me and maybe you too, like the ocean!

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