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Newport Oregon

A few years ago I decided to retire and move to a small coastal town, Newport.  This is a very interesting town and reminds me how Santa Cruz Ca, was about 25 years ago. I had been coming up here for some time as some of my family lives in this town.  When I first moved here, the first thing I noticed is a felt at home immediately.  There is a feeling of acceptance in town, no matter where you come from.  It a very art centric town. There are some amazing local artists, from painters, photographers, writers, sculpturers, musicians and those who dabble in all sorts of creativity and art.  The weather is mild averaging between 70-50s in the summer and low 50s and 40s or 30s in winter.  There are days when the temperature goes to extremes on both sides of the scale, but its rare.   Snow is rare, hail is common in the winter.   The winds, people, including myself, when told there are times Newport gets 60 mph+ winds, even as high as 90 mph.  Most people don’t believe it, but one winter here will convince you 🙂   People in the area take rain and storms in stride.  The winter brings great inspiration for artists, from large waves, sometimes as high as 45 ft. wetlands, high and low tides, it’s a great time to go out and get inspired.

Oh, one thing I wanted to mention, if you are a Facebooker, and live, lived, or miss Newport, there’s a great community group, called “You Know You are From Newport When….”     It’s a great hangout on the InterWeb.  Members post pictures of current scenes of the area, as well as old pictures, even some back to the 1800s and the first days of Newport.  Some are posted by the Lincoln County Historical Society,  https://oregoncoasthistory.org   a great resource about the, obviously, the history of Newport and the county  If you never been here, and live on the west coast or close, it makes a great destination or a pass through to stay a few days.   There are tons of camping places, both for tents and campers, hotels and areas to stay.  Here are a few images of the area, clicking on them will bring a larger view.   I appreciate you reading this stuff, please leave a comment on what you think, or ideas you may have.

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