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New Star Wars (no spoilers)

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I saw the first Star Wars when it came out.  I was living in Illinois at the time and had to travel a good 40 minutes to the local theater.  Being a young budding techie I’d never seen anything like it, as had most everyone else.  This was a whole new way of producing a movie, as far as I was concerned.  Even though I recognized the plot as your standard good vs. evil, the visuals around the movie, which is well documented, was groundbreaking.  The Imperial Walkers were amazing to see on the screen for the first time, and flying through the forest on the speeder bike was probably the most fun.  Later learning these scenes were filmed in the Redwood forest near where I grew up in California was kinda cool to find out.  The X-Wing and TIE fighters were so much fun to see for the first time, and the sounds were amazing for these fighters.  In 1983 I took my 5 yr old to Return of the Jedi.  Even though he hadn’t seen the first two films, he loved seeing this one.

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Later, of course, we got a VCR and saw the others on Tape.   It has been a fun series and since the first one, I always try to see the next.  Obviously, there have been many changes in the characters, and storylines, and as technology caught up needs of the ongoing series it has always been fun to see the newest movie.  I just got back from seeing the latest one,  The Last Jedi.   I am not a film critic or pretend to be one, but this was fun.

There are old friends, new heroes, and surprises, as well as some cool new critters. The basic fight between good and evil as it has always been.  It was somewhat sad seeing Carrie, but at the same time, great seeing her in her role.  You kinda had to know the story to enjoy this one, as there were some things left unsaid you would have to know. The scenery was great, sound and music fantastic.  Some of the same formulas used but works within this story.  It is well worth seeing, but be ready to spend at least 2.5 hours in your seat, not counting previews and such,  There are some slow spots, but not enough to hinder the experience.  I wish I could tell you more but would be spoiling the experience.  I’ll say it’s worth a rainy afternoon or a night event.


Feel free to comment below, but don’t put any spoilers in your comments. 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Star Wars (no spoilers)

  1. Hey Bill … thanks for your review. I haven’t seen it … am hoping it’ll be a Christmas present from my son (we go to see the good stuff together sometimes). I adore the Star Wars movies. I think for me, the formula, which they lost sight of for the 1st three in the series, is a good old fashioned buddy movie. And that’s just about my all time favorite theme. They seemed to be setting up for that in the last one … so fingers crossed. As to good vs evil … love it to pieces. I come out of those things wanting to cheer like a little kid (well, actually sometimes I do ; ) ) … and that amazing sound track … flippin’ thing gets me every time … not only adds to the excitement … it’s part and parcel OF the excitement. The best of these are a feast for the eyes, the ears … and to me … the heart!!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it!!!!

  2. Hi Lois, thanks for dropping by. I was going to respond to some of your comments, but it would probably hint to spoilers so will just leave it. It will suffice to say the eyes/ears/heart will enjoy 🙂

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