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Artists, writers, teachers, and everybody else find inspiration for their work in the strangest places sometimes.  Whether it’s a familiar song, a voice heard, and passage read, our inspiration for what we do seems to arrive.

I’ve found a new inspiration for art! …surgery My latest eye surgery led to an image or two. If you ever had cataract or retina surgery you know that you are basically awake. Yeah, that freaked me out too when they told me. You have general anesthesia as well as local Even though you are awake and can hear things, but you can’t move. You are somewhat paralyzed. It is the strangest thing, but you can see some very bizarre images. In my case, the surgeon was removing some scar tissue and membrane that had formed over my retina During the operation a very small tear caused during the removal… are you still reading?? the surgeon used a small laser to fix it. But the images I was seeing, was crazy. Remember, I’m on a happy drug and feeling literally nothing. I could see colors and spark like things and what seems to be a net and red bubbles. and hey I was tripping!

So I tried to capture just one part of this .. in this image… called Eye Web    If you want to see a larger view, and see how this may look on your wall, just click HERE


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