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Bobby was involved in a new project. Some of the needs of this project took him to the Internet to market the project.. while visiting one of these sites that he set up info on the project he receives the following message one evening, on FB almost 20 years later.

“Are you the Bobby Parker who used to live on Zayante in Santa Cruz with Martin and Gale?”

Bobby reads this message and is about to answer, “No I don’t know anything about that” but decides to look at the information about the sender. When he sees the pictures of her he is shaken, taken by surprised and writes back… Her last name had changed from her last marriage so he didn’t recognize the name. He knew her as Cathy Rine, but her name now was Cathy Benson.

He sent back the following site message:”OMG holy crap yes!!I read this message and a chill went down my spine.”

She later replied:

“I am a little lost for words … but I’ll get over that in about two seconds.Wow. So … yes … about a hundred years and many lifetimes ago, our paths crossed. Significantly so, at least for me. Meeting you at that point in my life definitely changed the course of it, regardless of the fact that … relatively speaking … we spent a very small period of time together.And now we’re all growed up.  So … you have a magazine! And you are a Car enthusiast! And you are happily married! Sounds like you are having a great life, Bobby! Do you have kids? Holy moly … you could have grandkids! Time is funny … it’s hard to think of you as older than I remember you. I live an hour north of Augusta in Maine. I have two grown daughters. I do “art” with natural elements and metal. I spend time in Panama. I’m building a house in the mountains down there, and I bought another at the beach … trying to establish a bit of financial security (or at least the illusion of it) outside the good ‘ol USA. Talk more?”

Bobby reads this and is finding himself getting mixed emotions inside.. there are things from the past he forgot many years about and now they are starting to come back…

He’s torn… should he reply… it’s innocent, two friends catching up?…so he replies

“Appreciate the kind words; I also have very fond memories of that short time together. It too has stuck with me as well 🙂 I want to type more but my right arm in a cast/ Broke it recently..cast for about 2 more weeks, doing this one handed.  I loved Matin and Gale,, big impact in my life. actually I’m copy editor and technical writer, still into cars, yes. 4 kids 6 grandkids, I live in Southern California which I love, for about 15 years.email is the best way to communicate for me, bobbyp@someemail.com,  as I can get email through my Phone too.. yeah I’ m all geeked out 🙂 Much to say; hard to write for awhile though”

And that was the first correspondence. He felt very restless.. there were memories starting to flood in that were surpressed for decades.. yeah decades he thought… wow.. and he sat trying to filter through them. That night in bed, he tried to remember all the things that happened back then.

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