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Farmer’s Market Wanderings

Well, this weekend I officially became a vendor at our local Farmer’s Market.   Although I’ve gone to Farmer’s Markets for decades as a buyer, this is the first time I entered the world as a vendor.  I’ve always wondered what it was like to be on the “other side” and sell my wares.  I picked this time a year because, first of all, the Farmer’s Market here in Newport, during the winter is INSIDE!  and with HEAT!  lol, It is also typically the slower time, during the first few weeks after the Seasonal Holidays.  So I figured this will allow me to get used to the routine and learning the process.  I want to first say, that all the vendors, many of them long-term participants were so nice to the “new guy” My sister came with me, as she has a great mind for marketing and, like me, will be happy to talk to anyone.  It’s all about interaction, with others.  So anyway the Market is open to the public between 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM.  Doors open for vendors at 7am and I got there right before 7, as I had no idea what it would be like and how to set up.  Well being there so early the place was, obviously empty.  I was someone alone in my general area, as I found out I was boarded by some seasoned vendors and they had there routine down and knew exactly how long it would take to set up.  There are marks on the floor where your allotted space is set, all normal booths are 10’x10′.  I think the produce vendors have larger spaces or they rent more than one as they have a lot of things to put out, as you probably know if you ever visited a market.

So we set up all my stuff I thought I needed to take.  I had attended my first Art Fair earlier this year so I’d bought some racks and equipment, signed up for the Square app and hardware.  I enjoyed that experience so I decided

to try it on a more, so  I figured the Farmer’s Market was a good place.  So I loaded up my car with tables and racks and images (didn’t want to forget those) and cardholders, brochure holders and started setting things up.  As I mentioned with just tape on the floor it was hard for me to visualize the traffic flow and how to present my stuff. The picture above shows the first setup.  We eventually changed it after the other vendors came in as I had some things that would be in the way.   The funny thing, I forgot to take a picture of the final set up… (shaking head) and I call myself a Photographer argh!   Well, next weekend I’ll take some shots as we worked out a new design.

Besides produce there were many fine artists there, I was surprised how intricate some of the handmade items were and the time that it must take to make them.  Because being at the Market allows me to sell thing direct, I can sell at a reduced price as there is no additional price like when you sell at a gallery.   I can also talk to potential customers to find out what they are looking for an offer to do custom work especially for their home or office space.

So the day went pretty well, considering the number of people who attended, it was one of the really nice days we had in a while and it was on a weekend, so I’m sure many people wanted to be outside enjoying this amazing coast we call home.  If you live in the Newport area, and never been to our local Farmer’s Market, you should and if you do, drop by and say hi!    If you live outside of the Newport area please support your local Farmer’s Market.  They are a great local event no matter where you live 🙂  I’ve included some of the images that I was showing last week.  If you have any questions about my images or want to buy locally, just contact me directly 🙂

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