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Candle in the wind
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As Bobby and Cathy write, they start to catch up.. there are 33 years or so between then and now and a lot has happened to both of them. Most of these emails are really interesting only to Bobby and Cathy, but I will put parts of them in here to give you an idea of what was shared

Sunday, 8/24/08, So; Cathy..’  From Bobby

What do you do during the day? are you working? Is it just the art that keeps you going? btw love the pieces you displayed online…you need an eBay store or online store…but maybe you have one… I can help if you need one.

Tell me about the kids; husband (assuming he is not there now) from your pics and email.

Cath…who are you now? I want to know the Cathy now that has put all the pieces together 🙂

My emotions are still bubbling in the background but keeping them at bay for a while so I can learn more about you. Do know throughout my whole life, which I just realized this weekend, I’ve been searching for another “you”…but there is only one…back..damn emotions back! 🙂

I saw the pictures of the house in Panama is that where you are going to live? Are you moving from Maine?

Two Hearts
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Need coffee,,,,(the last drug that owns me. caffeine) write later

hugs/love and stuff like that”

Sunday 08/24/08 11:21 am  From Kathy

Hmmm … well…

I’m a “health enthusiast” (I’ve finally learned not to say “health freak”!) I lift, sprint, eat healthy (most of the time), I’m always learning more, so the regimen evolves. I get excited a lot … about new topics, new friends, new places. I read voraciously, but seldom fiction. I have an in-your-face TV at the foot of my bed, but four years ago I decided I didn’t want to waste time watching it, so I canceled the cable and now I just use it to watch movies sometimes.

I think a lot. Maybe too much sometimes. Morning is the best time. I love to lay in bed after I’ve woken up and just think. I have a small — but ever-growing — a group of very close friends whom I cherish deeply. I call them the family of my choosing. I have an incredible bond with my two daughters. My oldest is 33 — I got pregnant with her right after us. In fact — holy shit! I just remembered something!! At the time, I thought she might have been yours! Oh wow — what a flash. Jeeeeze. Ohhhhh.

Well … when she was 13 she was “taken” and I had no contact with her for her next 13 years. But I found her again seven years ago, and when I did we fell madly in love with one another all over again. My youngest is almost 22, and she has been the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. Sometimes I think I can feel my heart beating in her chest. The love between us is visible, tangible … people comment on it.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have the life I do. I was married for 23 years (second marriage) and during that time, my husband and I built a decent financial base. We were always self-employed ( at different times we had bookstores, video stores, a sign shop, a new-and-used store, a bar); thus we realized that we had to figure out our own retirement plan. We chose real estate. We have been divorced for six years now, but still jointly own a couple investments that keep me out of the rat race. Still … it is not a guaranteed income, and it is not very big. That was one of my reasons for doing these houses in Panama. That was a scary leap!!!! I had been studying the market for years, so I felt confident that it was a wise choice, but still … buying real estate in another country … and doing it alone, with no mate and no partner. Spent many a night tossing and turning over that one!

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The one house in Panama is on a 10,000 sq ft lot that I bought from a friend; it sits in a corner of her 10-acre ranch. I had a stroke of luck– a 100-year-old cabin made of huge old growth, center cut timbers — moved onto the property and I built from there. I have most of the infrastructure finished — cistern, well, septic, driveway, the shell of the house and the bathroom addition, (which is a funky, beautiful combination of brick, adobe, and rock. The bathtub will sit before a window with a view of the valley and the avocado orchards on the facing hillsides.) Still, a lot left do … I work on it as money allows. I think it will be wonderful when it’s done. The topsoil there is 6 feet deep and has been steeped in cow and horse poop for many, many years!! Can’t wait to garden in it!!

The 2nd house is in a Panamanian neighborhood. The house needed finishing when I bought it. I went down there with no idea what to do, nor how to do it, but I hired some workers and managed to muddle through. It started out to be a four bedroom / two bath house. I put in walls, doors, windows, two more kitchens and another bathroom, so now it has two cute little efficiency apartments down a breezy two-bdrm apt upstairs. I love to go up on the roof and listen to the cacophony of birdsong. They are so loud!! And the rooster crowing is a symphony that echoes from one end of town to the other. I can only imagine what they are threatening each other with!! 😉

I have gradually been spending more time in Panama as the years go by. Not sure if I will live there full-time. I would prefer to have the best of both worlds if I can swing it.

Abstract Painting
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Thank you for the compliments re my “art”!! I have always had a driving need to create things. Over the last many years that drive has turned more toward recycling “art” and faux-ing and using materials for unintended purposes. I make a wallpaper out of packing (or other) paper, “velvet” quilts from thick thrift store bathrobes, a sculptured clay out of phone books, etc. But the thing that has most captured my attention is playing with metals. I am slowly learning a little more about it. Marketing has always been a mystery to me, and I don’t know if my stuff is good enough to sell yet, so no … haven’t sold anything. I did get offered $200.00 for one of my pieces, tho!

Oh shit … I have really yammered!! This is probably waaaaay more info than you bargained for!!

Tell me about you!!! BTW, I love your writing style. Words are just such an amazing, fascinating vehicle, and you use them so well. Do you write for pleasure or just work?

What is your life like? I imagine the mag takes up a huge portion of it.

After our time together, I had heard that you got heavily into drugs. I am guessing from your inferences that it’s true?

What do you think about when you are alone? What gives you joy in life? What are your plans for the future?

(Feel free to give me a big ‘ol “nunya” if I’m being too nosy!)

You know what I remembered this morning? Your skin. It always had a warm smell … like something freshly baked, or barely-there whiff of a subtle incense. It was so smooth … and it had a light brown glow. …… TMI??? …..

Hugs ………

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