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Different Versions

Original image, click for larger view

What I like about digital photography and especially the post-processing software now available, is the almost unlimited art you can make from one simple image.  I was having a conversation a while back with an artist friend who is a painter, and she was talking about how she would make one painting, but mid-stream of the work, would get another idea, based off the same painting and would start up another canvas, and sometime she’d have 3 canvases in different stages all  based on the same idea.   I told her I do that sometimes with one image, in fact, I told her I could probably fill a whole gallery wall based off one image.

She agreed she could too, but would obviously take a lot longer for her to do it than me, which she followed with, doesn’t make it better, worse, or anything, just a different process.   So I decided to try to see what I could do with just one image.

Black & White version, click for larger image

I decided to start with an image of a wave.  Our Oregon coast waves make incredible art for capturing in any form.  Because of the patterns that oceans make, just converting the image to a black and white photo changes the whole dynamics of the image.  More of the patterns become apparent, the lack of color allows the viewer to see more of what has been captured.  This wave in black and white gives the viewer a experience.   What is cool about being a digital artist, I can change the image to match any room or space.

But I went further with just removing the color, I decided to go the opposite way, add a particular color, in this case, purples and lavenders, and decrease the detail.

Less detail and different colors. Click for larger view

This gives the same image I started with, a whole new look and, I feel, kinda a modern abstracted kind of look. It fits well within a room or space that has a certain look. This is where my custom image platform comes in, and how I design images for a specific room, look or feel. It’s all about how the image works within the space, not the image itself.  Sure, the image could be a focal point in the room, but it should bring the room/space together, and be part of the decor, and give the feel of the room that is required.  Because of the digital tools available,

Simulated room, click for larger view

I can simulate a painted image, or pencil drawing and print it on canvas.  This is shown in the next image.  This was all done digitally and can also mimic the surface a rough, canvas surface. Something like this looks good in a den, or a music room, or entertainment area.  It is interesting enough to be noticed but doesn’t take away from the main focus of the room


Drawing version. Click for larger view

Each of these images here in this post, the image resembles the original image. but you can take this really far and build an abstract that has no resemblance to the original image.  It is a great way to use the feel and colors of an image and create a spawn of the image using it within a  digital filter.   This is shown in the last image. here. This used the exact same image all the others used but takes on a whole new look and feel.  I can take this image further and change colors and/or texture.

You can see more of these in an online gallery I set up, which came from the discussion I had with my friend, and you can see a few other versions HERE.

Pure abstract version. Click for larger view

As always I appreciate the time you took to read this and ask if you would, just leave a comment below.  It lets me know if I’m providing something interesting to read, it’s interesting to me, but may not be to you 🙂

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