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The Paradoxical Sketch

Those who follow little-known archeology discoveries are aware of the Paradoxical Sketch. For those who don’t a brief history.   In 1855, a farmer in Jefferson County, NY, found a metal box in a field that he recently purchased to add to his 15-acre plot….

Unplugged, well kinda

Just a short note… Well, it’s been one full month since I disconnected cable TV.  I realized that most of my viewing habits were all streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Youtube.  Having a “smart TV” I get those streaming services with no…

Farmer’s Market Wanderings

Well, this weekend I officially became a vendor at our local Farmer’s Market.   Although I’ve gone to Farmer’s Markets for decades as a buyer, this is the first time I entered the world as a vendor.  I’ve always wondered what it was like to…

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