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Choosing the Best Centerpiece for Your Room (Interior Design Tips)

  Choosing the Best Centerpiece for Your Room (Interior Design Tips) Often in interior design, wall art is purchased in the later stages of a design project. It’s one of the last things chosen – after the flooring, paint colors and furniture details are finalized….

Beautiful Reflections – Why you should take a walk (PT 1)

Taking morning walks along the coast, usually provides such amazing displays from nature.  No matter where you live, the early morning hours or late evening hours provide such beautiful light, which makes the sights that seem ordinary many of the times, explode with colors and…

Shooting from the Oregon Coast

One of the many great things about living in Oregon and on the coast, is the abundance of wildlife so close to home.  On my way to the builder’s supply store, a few mile south of home, I found this guy in a wetlands area….

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