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I’ve been a car enthusiast all my life.  I remember when my brother and I were very little we use to get all excited about the new models of cars coming out each year and loved to point out cars when we were riding along with our parents.  I continued this fascination with cars and truck throughout my life.  When I got my first car, which was a hand me down from the family of my dad’s old work car, a ’53 Chevy 2-door with a 3 speed on the column (3 on the tree)  and 6 cylinder engine.  Well, the first thing I did was read through the Chilton Manual my dad had for it.  I learned all about it.  Then I started “customizing” it.  Making it “cool” by removing all the chrome and learning how to use Bondo to fill up the holes left by the removal. Inside I sanded all the chrome off the dash piece which left this cool cooper look. I sent away for a J.C Whitney catalog and dreamed about all the stuff I was going to buy it, which I never did as I wasn’t working.  But when I got birthday or holiday money and allowances for doing stuff around the house I put into the car with little

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stuff I bought at a local auto parts store.  I remember buying one of those dash compasses like I wouldn’t know where I was in my California suburb.  As time went on, I did some other minor stuff to it but then met a new friend, this guy Cliff. Well, Cliff and hight would do all sorts of stuff to the car, and his, which was an early 60s Mercury Comet.  Very similar to mine, 6 cylinders with 3 speed on the column.  We one day disconnected the muffler and drove around with this unmuffled sound thinking others would think we had a really hot car. Too funny.   We then learned about a dragstrip up north, in Fremont and we decided to take our cars there. We loved it, had no idea what we were doing, but got to drive real fast, straight for a 1/4 mile!

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We as I got older my experience and taste changed.  In the late 70 and early to mid-80s I was into the Dodge/Plymouth line.  I had Dodge Challengers and Plymouth ‘cudas and use to race and show them at car shows.   I join/started a club and learned more about racing and hung around with other Car Enthusiasts.  It was a very family oriented hobby, both husbands, wifes, boyfriends, girlfriends raced and had cars. It was something to see a beautiful fast Plymouth RoadRunner or Dodge Challenger, and in the back, two child seats.  We use to go on long cruises and trips, head to the race track for a weekend.  At this time in my life I was living in Illinois, just east of St. Louis.  Being a car enthusiast in a place that has very harsh winters was tough, as a good part of the time, you couldn’t use the cars, as there was no way you were going to take these cars out in the rain and definitely snow.    But winter was the time you worked on your rides and got them ready for the next season.  I took one car, with help of a friend, all the way down the frame and built it back up with new parts and really made it look great in time for the next season.

I am also fascinated with abandoned old vehicles.  I’ve actually found some in the Oregon woods as I hike around.  They become their own piece of artwork, as you can see from some of these images.

Later on, in my life, I moved to the Boston area and took the car I just mentioned above with me.  I also bought a Dodge Stealth, a ’94.

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Then I started getting into road racing and more racing that was more than just straight down a 1/4 mile track.  This was a pretty amazing car at the time and fast.  I had a good friend there who we use to go to shows and races together, it was fun, but then there was the snow season.  I had to store my older car that I used for racing in a friends garage as the house I had at the time didn’t have one.  It was a hassle, as I couldn’t really work on the car there unless I was going to something simple as they had to move the car to get their own stuff out occasionally so I couldn’t leave it not running if I was replacing something.  I know this may be getting boring, so let me go into the last part…

I later moved to Florida, yes no winter snow!!  but plenty of rain in the summer.  I started getting into Ford Mustangs especially the Cobra model. What fun, We were a family of Mustangs.  I love the racing and car show community down there.  With a couple of friends, we opened one of the most popular online Forums for Mustangs.  We put on charity events for 1st responders, and one friend and I actually started and published a magazine.  It was all about the cars.  During that time I started going to classic car auctions, some of the biggest were Barrett-Jackosn and Mecum.   I also took a position as a “driver” for Barrett-Jackson and spent a number of years and a few events driving cars that were up for auction across the “block for the auction.  I got to drive the rarest cars, cars that belonged to celebrities and cars that were celebrities in their own right.  I remember driving one car, up to the block and as I was sitting in it and listening and watching all the bidders the price the car sold for was over 500k!  I was shocked, I was actually nervous driving it off the block now that I knew how much it was worth!

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Now that I live on the Oregon Coast, I’m done with racing, age, not that I’m that old, but age has diminished my RT (Reaction Time) and I knew it was time to move on.  I gave up my last race car before I retired a few years ago and move here.  Now I photograph races and cars and still feel part of the community, and still like to go to the auctions if they come in the area.   I’ve surrounded this post with some of my images of cars/trucks.   I do custom shoots for car owners so if you live somewhat close I can shoot some shots for your, or if you have a good quality image you want me to enhance, contact me and I can give you details.   Please leave a reply or “like” below if you enjoyed this post. All the images are mine and they are available in various formats  If you are intersted in mor images of vehicles that I have click HERE  Also, please comment your thoughts about this post and my blog, thanks

2 thoughts on “Cars and Trucks

  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading about your car stories. Awesome photos of the cars! I can imagine how amazing it must have felt driving those rare cars at the auction. What a great experience!

  2. Hi Liesl, thanks for commenting. Yes it was a great opportunity, some of them were really strange, but got to drive some cars from Elvis, McCartney, Gable and others. Thanks for reading!!

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