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Shooting from the Oregon Coast

One of the many great things about living in Oregon and on the coast, is the abundance of wildlife so close to home.  On my way to the builder’s supply store, a few mile south of home, I found this guy in a wetlands area.  As I always carry a camera with me, I decided to park up the road a piece and walk back to see if I could get a shot of this Blue Heron. Luckily I had a longer lens in my bag, and changed out my standard lens with that one.  These guys are very skittish so you have to take your time and pace yourself when you are trying to get closer to one. If though, if they are stalking and have a bead on a fish, they are really focused and it is a bit easier to get closer.  As I found a good place to wait for a shot, he turned a bit sideways and I was able to grab this shot before he moved on.  This was not an Angry Bird, but a very focused bird. The reflection is what really sold me on this shot.

I’ve been able to grab some amazing bird shots here on the coast, you can see more on my site.  This particular image looks great in a thin blue  frame and matted with some gray and black.  But my store allows you to customize the frames, matting  and sizes to fit your own space.

Here a link to this image and suggested frame

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