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Abstract Art
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One of the many things I love about digital photography and digital painting is the ability to express myself without the boundaries of standard, traditional photography. As a guy in my late 60s, I use to dream of that ability decades ago.  Before computers were as advanced and readily available today, to do abstract in photography took chemicals, enlargers and tons of equipment.  Most “abstracting” was done with brushes and paints, or other tools like pencils, crayons, chalk, and of course clay and wood.  With photography, abstracts could be done “in camera” which you can still do today, by messing with focus, moving the camera on long exposures, different lenses, and filters.  Which of course you can still do today, but with computers you can do so much more.  You can start with a photo and manipulate it, or start from a blank screen with no photo involved.  I like to do both, Back in the late 80s, early 90s we use to do abstracting with computer programs we had to write.  We would write programs that would place different colors around pixels on the screen and then print them on these ridiculous expensive color plotters or printers.  I did a few, but there were many that really took the marriage of math and art to produce something called Fractals, which I’ve been experimenting with.

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I first started abstracting when I had images I took with the DSLR which were just not right, either bad focus, bad exposure or other things that wouldn’t make them a good photograph.  So I deleted many of them, but some I put in a holding folder on my computer and thought maybe I could save them.  Using some of the digital tools I have available, I tried salvaging some of these images and almost by accident, I hit a command I thought was going to fix something, but suddenly there was this bizarre image on the screen.  From there I started experimenting, also spending time with other artists that were into digital imaging as an art form, away from standard photography.  Now I don’t want to sound like I’m down on traditional photography and photographers.  There are some photographers, who I admire, and in awe of, that do amazing in camera work, with little or no digital manipulation.  But for me, I like seeing what I can do with the computer and imaging

tools that are available today.

As you can see from the first two images above, I started with what I thought was a cool image of a sorta rare Mustang closeup of the rocker panel.  I thought I could save it and basically added the wrong filter in Photoshop and the result (after further manipulation) came out as an abstract looking image.  I kinda liked it, so I started messing with other “bad” images and experimenting with many different formats and filters and programs.  I started using the same, or what I thought was the same filter and went further taking photos that really didn’t come out well as a photograph and started purposely making abstract images.  As the blue Heaven’s Eye image shows.

I started to bending reality a bit and adding abstract components into the photo.  I’m still in the experimenting stage and have moved some of my focus to direct digital creation of images.  What I’ve been doing for a while and has been successful in creating my Fantasy Forest Series.  Where I combine fantasy feeling in the woods along with the original photograph.  You can see some of this series HERE:  There are some nice houses with these images in their spaces.  I can create these, especially for your home or office, just contact me and let me know your what you are looking for and your budget.   I’m working on one now that I will post eventually 🙂

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What I like about pure abstracts, they tend to name themselves, and I share the name. However, for the viewer and purchaser of my art, the image will name itself for them.  The abstracts will mean and people will see, different things within the images.  For example the one below here on the left, I call  “When Rainbows Collide” which for me is what I see in it.  But you may see something totally different.  Let me know what you see in the comments below 🙂

Or the one here on the right, I call B Movies cause it reminded me of old SciFi movies in the 50s called, sometimes referred to as B Movies cause sometimes there was the additional movie that went with the Main Attraction.  You kinda have about my age or older to remember when you went to the movies, you usually got a double feature, especially during the Saturday Matinee, but I’m getting off subject.  I now purposely make abstractions on purpose and go with a set a color and feel in my head before I create it.

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I also put stories behind images, for example, the red and blue image below on the left has a little description that gave its title. I call it “In Love”  “After many tests and scans, the doctor gave her the diagnosis…
“Trisha”, he said, “You’re in love”  and the one on the right below. I call it “Fairy Crystals”




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I can custom make abstract too for spaces. For example, I will work with an Interior Designer who lets me know they have a certain size and color of a room and want a more abstracted image to add a focal point or drama to the room and I will create it for the room.  I do this for private owners too, but, I enjoy it so much that I usually have something that will fit a space just right, without the custom work. You can also see more of this work on my site,

www.bposnerimages.com in the galleries, “Digital Painting”, “Abstract Wall Art” and “Fantasy”

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