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A Love Left Behind – History

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This is an original writing and is copyrighted © Bill Posner

This story starts in the early 1970s. Two people a young man and young woman both in their early twenties meet randomly. The man, Bobby, (me) is renting a room from a couple, Gale and Martin, in a big house in the woods in Northern California. The woman, Cathy, is the sister of Martin and comes to stay at the house getting away from an abusive relationship. There is an instant connection between Bobby and Cathy. Bobby tries to mask it, Cathy tries to push it a bit. It’s infatuation, a raw sexual desire that springs up between them.

After a while, they do come together and spend a few months together, in Bobby’s rented room in the house. The lovemaking is incredible, she learns many new things as Bobby is more worldly and experienced then Cathy in these matters. There passion and desires mask any form of real communication between them. They rarely talk about more than superficial things, memories, experiences but never really go deep into each other’s soul or intellect. They’re young, they provide physical comfort to each other and sexual satisfaction and enjoyment.

One day, for no apparent reason to Bobby, she leaves, goes back to her home. Bobby is devastated inside, there are feelings he didn’t know he had starting to bubble up… after she leaves he walks into the bathroom, where they had many enjoyable times, and picks up a towel she used for her last shower there. He takes it with him and sits on the bed.. hugging the towel.. and sobbing a bit as he knows he just lost someone very special, doesn’t know why, and has a hard time dealing with these feelings. As he looks up he notices something on the floor by the door…it’s an earring… her earring… she must have lost one, or maybe she left it behind? Either way, he picks it up and puts it in his pocket. He carries it with him for two years until it disappears, or is misplaced.

 -He feels lost, heartbroken, and even though he, at the time, is very used to short, flings, multiple relationships at once…this woman hit him hard… He thinks, well guess I was just an escape for her, something to help her forget, give her a little fun and time away… He settles for this… and as a few years go by he starts to bury in feelings for her deep inside… but he’s always looking, subconsciously for her qualities in others… her laughter, her eyes, her amazing body…

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