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This is the 3rd site of a 3 site presentation for my image creating art, a blog. I’ve been an artist off and on, in-between careers for quite some time.  However a few years ago, I was fortunate to retire and decided to make a new career working in image creating.  It has been a long interesting road to get to this point, and rather than go through the whole story, I’ll add a few pieces at a time through the blog posts.  A few stats… I live in Newport Oregon, USA.  I’ve been here about 4 years as of this writing, retiring from the software industry, working in St. Louis, Boston, Miami area, and SF Bay area. My art usually starts with a photographic foundation and from there I may warp reality a bit, and create a look and feel that suits that particular time.  Even though I mostly start with a photographic foundation, that only the first step.  I dabble in a lot of different image creations, from a basic landscape with a more interesting sky added, to a full out digital painting.  I will combine photos, subtract, add, divide and multiply the image to produce what’s buzzing around in my head. This is why I consider myself an Image Creator and not a Photographer.

About a year ago, I was chatting with a group of artists and they all mentioned they sell their images online, as well as in galleries, and displayed in various places.   I decided to do that as well.  Even though my main way of working with customers is custom work for Interior Designers, Decorators, and professional Stagers, ( My 1st site)  I decided to take my images and mass market some, that are not limited editions.  So the 2nd site I set up was a store, where those who wish to buy my images can do so, not only in tradition wall displays but part of consumer items.  Select the Shop link on the menu and you can explore all the different options.

As I communicated more and more with artists that sell online, I saw that most artists, that are in the online market have blogs as well as other Social Media sites.  So here is what I decided to do for my 3rd area is a blog.  In this blog, I’ll post new images, give a background story, or a fantasy story about the image.   I will introduce you to other artists that I find amazing and write about things that may not make much sense.  You and I will have to wait to see how this starts to develop.  If you have any questions, comments, generally you can leave a comment under the post, or contact me directly through the contact link above.

A few things to note about this page, this is a NON- Political page.  There are many, too many some would say, areas on the Inter-Web where you can argue and discuss your specific views on politics, please don’t bring them here.  And yes, I will advertise my art and ask you to buy some of mine, or maybe even others that I’m fascinated by their work.

Also, treat other users of this site with respect, treat them as you would if you were talking f2f (Face to Face) and not from behind a keyboard.communicated




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